Personal, Social and Health Education for Young People with Learning Disabilities
through music and song
Songs by musician and registered nurse
Edwin Humphreys
The songs you can hear on this website are designed to help a person with a learning disability learn about personal, social and health education and sexual health.
The songs are appropriate for a range of ages – each song has its age-relevance.
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This is a sample of the full song on the CD.
SMEAR TEST is aimed at young women from age 16 upwards, and follows the process a woman has to go through in having a smear test. We asked a number of women if they knew exactly what a smear test entailed when they went to a clinic for the first time. The majority did not know what would actually happen during the test – hence this song.
The song was thoroughly discussed by nursing teams at Cervical Screening Wales and in the Flintshire area before we agreed to the final composition. It has turned out to be a popular song with professionals and women with learning disabilities. The words follow closely the information given in a smear test information pack developed by Heather Ramessur- Marsden, Linda Hughes, Penny Tomlinson and Alison Corfield.
The song is sung from a nurse’s perspective and by a woman. The words are deliberately direct and explicit in order to make clear what will happen and why it is important to have the test.
The song is probably best used at the end of a session on smear tests and cervical cancer.
See the articles about Edwin and his work with the Songs For Your Body project in Nursing Standard, July 1–9 2009 (Volume 23 No. 43 pages 22–23). And in Learning Disability Practice, July 2009 (Volume 12 No. 6 pages 23–25).
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