Personal, Social and Health Education for Young People with Learning Disabilities
through music and song
Songs by musician and registered nurse
Edwin Humphreys
The songs you can hear on this website are designed to help a person with a learning disability learn about personal, social and health education and sexual health.
The songs are appropriate for a range of ages – each song has its age-relevance.
Click on a menu item to the left to hear samples of the songs. To buy the CD and activities book for educators, please click on the Songs for Your Body title at the head of this page.
This is a sample of the full song on the CD.
JUST SAY NO! is aimed at all ages and capabilities. It is designed to promote safe sex, and is deliberately written in a light manner to appeal to young people who are beginning to think about sex and relationships.
The song has been used a great deal by learning disability nurses in the North Wales Clinical Interest Group and has since been edited and changed as a result of suggestions made by those nurses.
We hope that professionals working with the 14–16 age range could also use this song, possibly at the end of a teaching session to recap on the importance of safe sex, giving a light touch that brings a little fun to learning.
See the articles about Edwin and his work with the Songs For Your Body project in Nursing Standard, July 1–9 2009 (Volume 23 No. 43 pages 22–23). And in Learning Disability Practice, July 2009 (Volume 12 No. 6 pages 23–25).
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